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Casting Design and Engineering-Patterns

Dickson can create new patterns based on your requirements or employ your supplied pattern. In many cases we can adapt existing patterns to run on our machines with little or no cost to you, the customer.


Our production is geared towards low to medium volume. Flask work using jolt squeeze machines and floor molding of cope and drag Flaskless serves many customer requirements. Our experienced molders can work with your loose patterns and or matchplates to achieve quality results.

Core Making

Whichever your casting requires, we have the equipment whether it’s Sand Cores, Oil cores, or shell cores. Cores provide as cast detail to the internal areas of a casting. Proper core design can all but eliminate the need to machine in critical design features.


Dickson pours sand castings from 1/2 lb to 350 lbs. in a wide array of alloys including carbon steel, low alloy, stainless steels, duplex alloys, nickel base, tool steels and many copper based alloys. We specialize in high alloy heat and corrosion resistant stainless. Our ability to alloy and melt large and small charges provides our customers greater flexibility in scheduling and pricing.


Dickson relies on rapid gate stock removal using automatic pressure assist grinding machines. We also employ hand grinding where contoured surfaces are evident.

Heat Treatment

In many cases, heat treatment is needed either before or after machining. Dickson offers annealing and or hardening as required.


We’re capable of machining castings to your specifications. This has proved to be a positive value added service that is on the rise. Pressure testing of machined castings is also available.

Testing Services

Our test lab utilizes a modern (2003) spectrograph. We offer non-destructive testing including chemical analysis, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspections. Destructive testing includes charpy, impact, tensile & yields.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the highest priority in every area of production. Statistical process control and employee initiative contribute to insuring that our customers consistently receive the highest quality castings possible.

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