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At Dickson Investment Hardware, we’re dedicated to producing the highest quality precision investment castings and sand castings available anywhere. Since 1969, we’ve been successfully helping customers in industries including Pump, Valve, Boiler, Combustion, Food Processing, Marine, Medical, Aerospace and many others, eliminate the need for expensive fabrication and machining.

Dickson can help you select the best process and the best alloy to meet your requirements, whether you need a few prototypes, or tens of thousands of pieces. Whether you’re a small job shop or a Fortune 500 company. We’re capable of pouring Carbon, Stainless, Low Alloy, Heat & Corrosion Resistant, Copper and Nickel alloy into castings from 1 oz. to 120 lbs. (investment) and ½ lb. to 350 lbs.(sand).

To maximize value for our customers, Dickson also offers a wide variety of secondary operations including machining, patterns, tooling, prototyping, heat treating, vibratory finishing, plating and polishing.

Quality is the highest priority at Dickson Investment Hardware. From our analytical lab, featuring a state-of-the-art spectrograph, to processes and facilities developed and optimized over 30 + years, at Dickson we ensure that quality is cast into every part we produce.

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